Beauty Milk

Brightening + Soothing

Beauty milk is a skin brightening and soothing skin treatment that can be used any way you want. It's a 3 in 1 daily cleanser, exfoliant and treat yourself mask that leaves skin baby soft and smooth for a radiant, healthy canvas. Made of two star ingredients: milk and rice, along with a medley of exfoliating ingredients including super fine ground almonds, barley flour and kaolin clay to exfoliate without drying. Activates with water, toner or face oil (including Beauty Oil) of your choice.


  • Milk cleanses and brightens skin over long term use, while leaving skin baby soft
  • 100% fragrance and filler-free: Rice, almonds, barley and kaolin clay provide gentle yet effective all-natural, non-abrasive exfoliation for use on all skin types, including sensitive skin
  • Multipurpose and great for travel: Can be mixed in to boost your regular cleanser with gentle exfoliation or activated with water to use on its own


Brown rice flour (organic): A natural exfoliant and astringent, works to tackle dullness and uneven texture without stripping the skin

Milk powder (organic): Contains lactic acid, a powerful exfoliant that works to brighten skin tone and increase cell turnover, leaving skin feeling refreshed, soft and glowing

Almonds (organic): Mild yet powerful exfoliant while boosting skin with Vitamin E

Barley flour (organic): Brightens and conditions skin, while balancing oil

Kaolin clay: A cleansing clay for sensitive skin, it works to mildly exfoliate while stripping the skin

Full Ingredients List: Brown rice flour, milk powder, almonds, barley flour, kaolin clay
* USDA certified organic

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