Strawberry Beauty Milk

Brightening + Balancing

Our essential brightening and soothing rice milk beauty polish gets a super boost with strawberries, for extra skin toning and balancing made for oily or combination skin types. Smells like a strawberry milkshake (mmm!) and can be used as a cleanser, exfoliant or mask.


  • Strawberries work to balance and tone oily and combination skin, and aids in refining pores, brightening skin tone, and improving cell turnover
  • Milk cleanses and brightens skin over long term use, while leaving skin baby soft
  • Rice, almonds, barley and French clay provide gentle yet effective all-natural, non-abrasive exfoliation


Brown rice flour (organic): A natural exfoliant and astringent, works to tackle dullness and uneven texture without stripping the skin

Milk powder (organic): Contains lactic acid, a powerful exfoliant that works to brighten skin tone and increase cell turnover, leaving skin feeling refreshed, soft and glowing

Almonds (organic): Mild yet powerful exfoliant while boosting skin with Vitamin E

Barley flour: Brightens and conditions skin, while balancing oil

French pink clay: Works to slough off dead skin cells and to create an overall refreshed appearance. Gives this beauty milk its bright pink colour, naturally. 

Strawberries: A superfood ingredient for the skin, strawberries naturally contain many skin-boosting vitamins and nutrients including Vitamin C, alpha-hydroxy acid known to reduce the signs of aging, and salicylic acid, which works to reduce hyperpigmentation and dark spots

Full Ingredients List: Brown rice flour, milk powder, almonds, barley flour, French pink clay, strawberries, fragrance
* USDA certified organic

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