About PTL

PTL ("petal", essentially) is a store and design studio for beauty, clothes and objects. Founded by a designer who has worked in lingerie, weddings and then childrenswear, before making her way into a tech company, we make and curate products that stretch our "yes!" metres while respecting the essential components of life: love and adventure. Every collection and product is an experiment driven by our eye on the current and future state of work and life: where ease, fluidity, and expression rule over cubicles, white fences, and ancient American dreams. How it all comes together is inspired by 1960s Parisian drugstores, the bookstores of Tokyo, and the wild west of sounds, tastes, smells, sights and philosophies familiar and new.

We launched quietly on ptl-ptl.com in 2019 with our skincare capsule, but our beginnings started way back in 2011, when we designed and sold our very first collection on the internet: silk essentials. But, every time we had a new idea, we started something new: a sustainable fashion blog turned boutique, a beauty line for minimalists, a vintage loungewear popup shop. Along the way, we've been featured in Vogue, named one of the top beauty blogs of the year, and worked with and interviewed dozens of independent designers and startups. Then eventually, we thought: why follow the rules? So we decided to build a company that weaves in its philosophy the idea of changing product, experience and culture while focusing on the concept of essentials and celebrating craft, art and mood - to honour our nature while nurturing our worlds. 

We believe in values and intent over declarations and rules. We pay homage to a world in bloom, ephemeral beauty and the balance between tradition and new ideas. We look in various corners of the world both online and offline to discover new things. We’re dreamers and doers, and we see possibility all around us. And we're building a company for people just like us who value sustainability, imagination, utility and play.

Thank you for visiting!

- Ana, PTL Founder and Designer